Top Apps to Keep You Creative on the Move (Part 1)

Spinning Plates

Like most people, I have to keep lots of plates spinning in the air at any given time.

Keeping track of – and managing – important tasks can be a major challenge.

By way of illustration: on weekday mornings I present a breakfast radio show between 7 and 9 am, and straight afterwards head off to the day job in a completely different organisation.


Aside from that are the demands of what I consider to be one my primary passions in life: writing, editing and publishing articles (as well as recording and mixing audio) for, working (primarily virtually) with a bunch of great creatives.

Then – as if that wasn’t enough – there are the infrequent, though no less demanding requirements of some of the other platforms: updating Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, running, and blogging (how would you be reading this otherwise?) 🙂

On the Move

So it’s a massive, though not entirely insurmountable, mountain to climb.  Being frequently on the move and having to make constant shifts in mindset mean that my brain is in constant flux, so keeping precise track of tasks is critical to much of what I do.

Additionally (and this used to be quite annoying before I found the answer), inspiration works to a completely separate timetable to mine, frequently visiting me on a schedule entirely of its own making.


As a result the challenges I face on a daily basis include:

  • finding easy (and quick) ways to record the myriad ideas that pop into my head (often at the least convenient of moments)
  • developing the ideas I’ve had, while I
  • continue to cultivate the ones I’m currently working on

So the question is: how can I keep on top of it all..? 

Rather fortuitously (and in the slightly modified words of the old Apple campaign): ‘there are apps for all of that’…

I need apps that are:

  • responsive
  • easy to use
  • accessible across a range of devices (different types of mobile phones, PCs and tablets).

It’s also crucial that they can be up and running in no time flat to allow me record my thoughts as quickly as I get them (or more accurately, as they hit me).

Capture Ideas

So in the next blog, I’ll share the apps, processes and even hardware I found works well for me, allowing me to create and capture ideas on the move.

(By the way: shout out to fellow gadget geek Phil Mayers for the proof read and edits, which – due to the excellent sharing function in Google Docs meant our collaboration wasn’t in real-time, but time-shifted).


2 thoughts on “Top Apps to Keep You Creative on the Move (Part 1)

  1. This so expresses my current state…5 of me still wouldn’t be enough! I look forward to further reading…hopefully I will find the time.. 🙂
    Someone told me that I needed to master each app or social network tool before moving on to another. Is this really true?
    Seriously :0 I look forward to hearing more…it just makes so much sense to learn from someone doing all the hard research work for me and make my life easier in this new media driven age… But will this prove true?


  2. Thanks, Juliet… I know what you mean about hoping to have more than 1 version of yourself! 🙂

    RE: the ‘master one app before trying another’ approach: it’s good advice. However in my experience, it comes down to personal preference.

    I’m one of those people who needs to know *everything* about the app(s) I’m working with, so I tend to try and understand the basic functional aspects of it first (I’ll try and master the ‘writing’ part of writing app, for example, and *then* learn how I can use it to tweet, or link it to my Facebook profile, etc second).

    Those two things happen fairly close together, but once I get the basics, I’m happy to start looking for/trying other apps that can do the same/similar thing…

    Over time, you’ll end up favouring app one over another, and that’s the key: it boils down to what you like (i.e. how the app works for *you*, as opposed to what’s popular, what other people recommend, etc…)

    Just my view. Anyway, see what you think when part 2 is published.

    Look forward to your comments!


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