New E Tizz album ‘What I Gotta Say’ – out February 7th on iTunes

If some of the music I’m hearing (both new and imminent releases) is anything to go by, then it’s pretty safe to say 2012 has already kicked into high gear!

E Tizz’s ‘What I Gotta Say’ is an absolutely sterling example.

The bar is set quite high with this one: ‘the Doctor’, Grammy-nominated GP of DVine Muzic Productions is again at the helm of affairs, and the overall audio styling of this project presses his sound into something strangely different yet familiar at the same time.

Time for one of those pretentious new genre names, methinks: Electro-Synth Hip-hop, anyone..?

The new album is released on February 7th and available for download on iTunes.

It consists 13 tracks, featuring UK and US artists: Jahaziel and Tru2DaName (who – along with E-Tizz also go under the name Forerunnaz), Guvna BG.P. himself and Ricardo ‘Rocstarr’ Williams.

US guests include vocalist Jai, and one of my favourite US rappers, KJ-52.

This is a very, very good project.  Check out Henry Yanney‘s on full review on  In his words: ‘there’s a lot of gems on here…’

Meantime check out the lead single, “Clap Clap” featuring Jai:


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