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Keen for Others to Succeed

One summer’s evening in July 2011 I logged on to Twitter just in time to catch a rant so passionate it reminded me of the fact that – aside from the very natural evangelical thrust of our calling – many of us in the UK gospel scene (particularly non-performers – publishers, event organisers, photographers, media bods and the like) do what we do because we’re keen to see other people succeed.

Which brings me to the guy you see below: Matt Brooks.

He, along with older brother Adam recently launched M-Brio Music, and in the short space of time it’s been in existence, (we’re talking just a couple of years), it’s become arguably one of the – if not the – most significant brands and media platforms in UK gospel.

Pure Gold

Like another of my previous posts based on a Twitter rant from a media personality (my Nigeria-based sister-in-law, Rhecks), the tweets were pure gold, particularly in terms of the advice it held for anyone looking to get the media onside, and working hard on their behalf.

So, on to Matt’s rant…

Anyone who’s spent more than 2 minutes in any sort of media capacity will probably recognise (and share) Matt’s frustration, which is why I thought it a good idea to crystallise those tweets into something that will help you if you’ve ever wondered why us media types are the way we are.

More importantly, they are absolutely crucial ‘How To’ steps to get your media contact completely tuned into your frequency, and at the same time let you into the thought process behind many a media type…

By way of context, you need to know that M.E.X is the recently launched M-Brio digital magazine that created a major stir when it launched, so much so that – quite naturally – loads of people wanted a piece of the action and be featured in it.

If you’ve ever wanted a radio or TV station, magazine, website or any other media platform to help with your project(s), then (in the ever-helpful words of Commission): ‘Take Notes’.

Links for further reading at the end of the feature.

Advice: In the first instance – make sure your product is actually ready to go...

Matt’s Rant: I’m amazed @ the amount of emails & FB messages I get [from people] asking me to feature them in M.E.X & they haven’t released anything…

[They] Have no plans to release anything soon & tbh their singing/rap game is weak…

Advice: Step Up Your Game!

Matt’s rant: why would I feature u?  Pay ur dues & go get vocal lessons

Ur not doing anything worth talking about, [your] music is average @ best & [you] have put 0 work in when there’s others working hard for their vision

Advice: there’s no getting away from it – quality costs money.  Be prepared to pay!

Matt’s rant: it’s also funny when they say ‘I need u to promote this for me’ – Twitter, Facebook, M.E.X, m-brio music but don’t wanna part with £1 lol

Fact: we’re happy to help, but – for goodness sake, put the work in!

Matt’s rant: I’m all about giving people chances & supporting new & emerging talent but don’t be telling me u need to be on the front cover of M.E.X

I know everyone needs help & exposure but u’ve got to be willing to go & gig for free…

Advice: This is a marathon, not a sprint…

Matt’s rant: Guess what I’m saying is pay ur dues… Don’t start today & expect everything tomorrow… Work @ it! Prove urself, gain some credibility

Advice: the boy scouts told you this all those years ago: be prepared!

Matt’s rant: if ur gonna approach media… Please have a bio, if it’s an event or new release, have a proper press release etc…

Advice: for goodness sake, don’t ruin it for everyone else. If you won’t take the opportunity given you: step aside!!!

Matt’s rant: Come correct, trust me, it’s makes a massive difference.

Offered someone some help to promote an event, gave them all the tools to write a press release (step-by-step) & then I’d work with that & also send it to media personnel for them & help get it coverage…

2 weeks later, I’m still waiting & I refuse to send 1 sentence on to media personnel I respect & know are professional…

Because of that an opportunity for a small but impacting campaign has gone. it’s sad really but we’ve gotta change our mentality man…

And, to note: (before  you start thinking we’re all big-headed, prideful idiots)…

Matt’s point: I’m nobody, I’m still new learning media & stuff but I’m trying to do it right. Do all u can to do it the right way, that will give u favour.  Not tryna be harsh, just showing another perspective.

Matt’s suggested helpful resource: If u need help with biographies & press releases go to M-Brio Press Kit (MPKit)

Advice: we work hard to produce something that’s compelling.  That’s probably why you came to us in the  first place – a  little acknowledgement of that won’t hurt.

Matt’s rant: Sometimes it just makes me sad, when I’m approached in ways that be honest lack respect, not for me (it aint personal) but for media.

Advice: be interesting!

Matt’s rant:  so please, if u wanna get ‘featured’ etc: have a story, something interesting… A USP (unique selling point)… It goes a LONG way 🙂

Advice: never, ever – ever – have me pay you to promote you.

Matt’s rant: Oh… This one makes me laugh. ‘Can u review/feature my single/album? Here’s the iTunes link’ LOOOL – #SarryBaaarse …

And, yes, we realise there are many great apples in the basket too… 

Now… I’ve said this but there are many guys who are trying & succeeding in being professional in their approach to media, etc..

And finally: at the end of the day: we understand. We’re human too…

Matt says: so to everyone who’s doing the best u can, I appreciate u. Know it’s not easy especially when ur a creative & don’t know about that stuff

It’s a pleasure to work with u & learn about how to constantly improve our game together. I still make mistakes too – a lot actually lol

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