GL Live: Edition 8 Back with a New York twist

GL Live is back!

Gospel Link, the Birmingham-based publishing, promotions and media outfit known for strong events with equal US/UK billing,  continue the tradition with instalment 8, rekindling the original ethos of GL Live in exposing unknown and up-and-coming talent on an international stage.

This time the stage is given over Gauge and Slave from the States, paired with one of the strongest outfits to emerge from the UK in 2011: Writeway Music (Tunday, Rhema, Presha J and Leke), plus Birmingham’s DJ 4Real.

It will be interesting to see the impact the two New York rappers will have this time around (as compared, for example,  to Ritchie Righteous from GL Live 7).   We’ll see…

Local acts are also apparently performing at each venue as the tour takes in – for the first time ever – Newport, in addition to regular haunts Birmingham, London and Manchester.

The tour is from 19th-23rd October.  More details, links and how to book tickets below along with the official trailer.

Not long to go now…  Have you got your ticket?

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