Music update – ‘The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist’

The Essential UK Gospel Tracklist – March 2011

2011: third month in, and things have been off to a cracking start right here in the UK.

I can barely keep up with the pace of new music announcements.  Under many other circumstances, that could be a bad thing.   In this case, it’s the rather delicious, delightful opposite.

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On With the Music

Anyway, main reason for writing this:  I’m putting – in one place – some of the serious musical stuff that you need to be checking out.  I’ll be updating this post a lot so check back often.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in 

Name: Coco Dupree

Track: Take It Away

Release date: March 1, 2011

Availability: iTunes

Comments: She drops a Mixtape shortly, but Coco Dupree’s Take It Away is now available on iTunes, officially released 3 days ago.

In short: Big tune, this… It comes recommended. Simple as that.

Name: Tryumf

Project: Beginnings (album)

Release date: March 1 2011

Availability: Amazon and iTunes

I keep forgetting not everyone has had the privilege of owning Tryumf’s music from way back when…

Thankfully Tryumf hadn’t.  If you’re a new fan, or just want to collect some classic stuff from one of the UK’s best, you need to get this.  Also released a few days ago (March 1st, to be exact ).

In short: file this under  ‘must have’.

Name: Presha J

Track: I’m Alive featuring Leke (single track)

Release date: February 2011

Availability: Click here for free download:

Comments: really liking this tune: GP on production, Leke on vocals and Presha doing his thing.

Has that throw-your-head-back-and-sing-along, hooky vibe to it.

In short: if I paid for music, I probably would have bought this one! Essential.

Name: Hypertone

Project:  Finally In Motion The Mixtape (6 tracks)

Release date: 2011

Availability: click here for free download

Comments: You might have driven past this one.  If you did, step on the brakes, slam the car into reverse and go get it. I’m flagging this guy as one of my ‘ones to watch’ for 2011.

Hypertone (follow him on Twitter) is one of the best all-rounders I’ve heard come out of the UK street music scene in a long time: great production sound, amazing vocal range and has the makings of a great songwriter too. Me like.

I’ve heard people describe his take on Mary Mary’s ‘Walking’ as better than the original.  I can totally understand that. Download that mixtape and find out why..

In short: a definite talent for now and the future

Name: Guvna B

Track: See The Light ft G Kid

Project: ‘Scrapbook’ mixtape

Release date: 1/11/11 –  11:00am – see what he did there…? 🙂

Availability: Free at

Comments: this is a no-brainer.  I almost didn’t include it here but that would be wrong as I’d be assuming everyone has this.

Scrapbook has had over 15,000 downloads since January, highly respectable numbers in a hyper-niche sector like ours.  Go download it and find out why.

In short: 15,000 downloads and counting.  What are you waiting for?

Name: Forever Christ

Track: Victorious (Overcomers) ft J Williams

Release date: 14 January 2011

Availability: Free at

Comment: Forever Christ is A Star and Lionel who – through their Skyboy Records label – produce solid music anyway.  Throw in the excellent vocals of Junior Williams, and Victorious looks like a track that will be around for a very long time…

In short: 2010 threatened a smooth RnB/Soul revival.  This affirms that pending return with street edge thrown in for good measure…


You know this anyway, but:

this is a list of songs that I’ve come across on the UK gospel scene: from the classics to brand new stuff on the street.

This includes official releases from major record labels to the latest hot track to come off a bedroom-producer’s computer.

These are songs I think  you’ll play in sometime in future and find to be good examples either of the genre, or good representative(s) of their time, or – ideally – both.

This is music I like.  And – of course – you don’t have to agree with my choice.

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