New Music: Judah Racham’s Doing a 360

New Music: Judah Racham’s Doing a 360

More music continues to emerge in the post-GreenJade era, mere weeks after the guys did their final farewell gig in Brixton late last year.

This time it’s Judah Racham who will soon release his debut solo LP, “360” featuring collaborations with the likes of GEMS, Jahaziel, Silas Zephaniah and others.  It’s produced by another veteran of the UK gospel Hip-hop scene, Endurance.

Judah has always been one of my favourite MCs, and – in my opinion at least – is one of the scene’s underrated lyricists.

You might be familiar with his work alongside DJ Secret Weapon as part of the duo ‘Judah and Secret‘.  They already have a couple of albums and a mixtape already released in places as far away as Japan.

This is one I’m definitely looking forward to…


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