The Apple app store explosion has birthed myriad fun and functional programs for the iPhone, iPod and – more recently –  the iPad, all of which have gone on to have a phenomenal impact on life and living.

Take music making: simple and easy-to-use applications have brought interesting and engaging possibilities.

30 minutes ago I came across this video of Korean pop star Yoari plugging her upcoming event with an iPhone/iPad band covering Beyonce’s ‘Sweet Dreams’.

Earlier in the year (and closer to home), the first ‘group of people using their iThings to play’ video I actually came across was from Ireland’s Rend Collective Experiment – they do exactly the same thing with ‘How Great Is Our God’

So, you know what I’m going to ask, don’t you…?

UK gospel fans: step up with your iThings and represent! 🙂