News: Triple O launches new site

Today, (10th November 2010) Triple O launches his brand new website:
Central Point

The new site will act the central point for Triple’s activity, including the now-obligatory social networking links, music updates as well as being his primary means of contact.

“I am so glad to have this site up and running. It is great to now have one place to direct people to when they simply want to know more about me and the music.

Fully open Spring 2011

A full site will created and open to the public around Spring 2011 – and I plan for it to be massive cyber-world in itself.”

The launch of the website coincides with the scheduled release of his long-awaited (that in itself being something of an understatement) debut single “Come Home” featuring London’s Mighty, is out on Monday 20th of December 2010.


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