Do NOT listen: Pass Out Freestyle – Ejiro, Guvna B and Triple O

The plan was to sit in my local coffee shop and update

I hadn’t done a proper update since starting my breakfast radio show at Premier Gospel three weeks ago (early start, late back home, shock to the system 🙂 ).

So, I’m in the coffee shop, and I’m editing features by Karl Nova and Henry Yanney.

So far so good.

Minor Distraction

By way of some minor distraction and background music to my editing session I pull out my in-ear headphones and decide to check out my Facebook profile and listen to the ‘Pass Out’ Freestyle, posted on my wall (all at different times and with different versions) by Ejiro, Guvna B and Triple O.

The track was originally done by mainstream UK artist Tinie Tempah, and the beat is *awesome*.  Now I know not everyone is happy with Christian artists jumping on mainstream music.

If that’s you, I respect your view.

Least Productive

Anyway, it’s turned out to be the least productive thing I could do.  I’ve been replaying all three back to back, and my site update has suffered…

So whatever you do, DO NOT LISTEN to:

Ejiro on Pass Out

Guvna B on Pass Out

Triple O on Pass Out

That’s all I’m saying.

Now, back to work… is not gonna update itself…

4 thoughts on “Do NOT listen: Pass Out Freestyle – Ejiro, Guvna B and Triple O

  1. So conclusively, the UK Gospel ‘industry’ has rapping talent.
    They are current and relevant to popular youth culture.
    Their content can be deep and light-hearted.

    I’m not making any particular point… just stating facts.

    So go on ask me what’s next….


  2. I Really don’t know what to say when it comes to these… I thing the Artiest are Fantastic, and the beat is Really good… But is this something I could play at an event… Not likely…

    I would hope that the unsaved would listen to it and be challenged but I Get a sneaky feeling that a whole Stack of Christians are going to have these on Repeat on their I-pod and not particularly because of the content…

    Correct me if I’m wrong… Its just a thought…


  3. hmmm I like the freestyles and it is cool because in the moment when “Pass out” was hot everyone was checking for the different versions and folks actually check ’em out because of the lyrics since they’ve already heard the original.

    I don’t mind people liking just the music either because the track in itself is catchy and sounds good.

    The only thing is overall it only helped cement the success of the original song and keep it buzzing. When you see everyone jumping on the instrumental of a track and it is popular, it helps the actual buzz of the original in a way….

    Anyway Guvna’s version landed on Grime Daily and caused an uproar and conversation which is cool because most of those folks don’t even know gospel rappers exist and the content caused conversations about God and faith over there even though there was a lot of antagonism. So to me it’s a win!


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