Download: RTS on Tryumf’s I Don’t Pack A Matic

RTS Collective

Apart from the sterling work of people like Sammy G and Roger Moore continuing to have a huge impact on the national UK gospel scene, Birmingham has been relatively quiet in the past couple of years, certainly when compared to the massive moves they were making between 2004 and 2007.

However, the RTS collective has been making a few moves that I’ve been keeping an eye on.

A collection of artists offering everything from music to media to event services, they recently recorded their own take of Tryumf’s popular underground hit ‘I Don’t Pack A Matic’

Get your free download here:

  • If you like that, RTS released their self-titled EP this summer, featuring a mix of Acoustic R&B, Spoken Word, UK Garage and Grime.  Order yours from

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