News: Radio for your week (P.S. I’m Henry)

Henry Yanney

Radio for your week

Hello UKG World,

My name is Henry Yanney and I’m new to this bloggage world, but Mr UK Gospel has graciously allowed me to contribute to the official blog of, the world’s most frequently updated UK gospel music website.

Updates from me will include everything from album reviews to random musings to anything relatively related to the UK gospel scene.

Official Blog
For my first official blog (minus the constant ramblings on my Facebook/Tweets, etc) I’ve decided to give you a list of great radio shows which you can listen to throughout the week if your 9 to 5 requires you to press the enter button (or any other key) for the majority of the day…

Radio Shows (in no particular order/preference)

    The Urban Gospel Experience on BBC Oxford
    DJG and Lady T
    liven up your drab day with the best in uptempo praise and worship on BBC Radio Oxford.

    • Day: Sunday | Time: 7 – 9pm |  Can listen again?: Yes

    Lively chat and a great mix of tunes will help you get through two hours of your long day!

    The Urban Gospel Network Radio Station
    The second appearance for Mr Dave P, this time on his own founded Urban Gospel Network radio station.  Playing the latest gospel gems, this is definitely one for those looking to find an alternative to the regulated playlists of commercial radio.

    • Day: Monday – Sunday | Time: 24 hours (live shows listed) |  Listen again?: No

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