News: Fantastic News Update – 7 September 2009!

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OK, I’ve spent most of last week devoting a lot of time to making sure I pushed my Uncle Simply Andy‘s event The Adventures of Simply Andy (which – seeing as you ask – was amazing)!!

But that means that I now have a lot of news that I have to catch up on.

So this week, stand by for loads of updates coming through, the UKGospel Blog and

MOBO Update

The UKG MOBO nominees’ podcast: I spoke to David from DTWG, Prince from New Direction Crew and Victizzle to get their views on their nominations…

I’m also hoping to speak to former MOBO gospel winner Isaiah-Raymond Dyer about his thoughts on things as well… Live soon!

All-new ‘coming soon’ stuff

Prime Time

He’s back!  Got a message from my fellow baldie over the weekend (shout out to Alan Higgins): Nathan Prime (another member of the good-looking bald men’s club) has his new release due out next month.  More news on that soon.

S.O.E. also returns

Speaking of veterans, Hip-hop artist S.O.E is also back with a new video to Breaking Da Silence, one of the lead tracks off his new album.

I’ll have that video here on the UKG blog in the next few days.

Funky Tryumf!

Just found out literally 30 minutes ago that Tryumf has put out a Funky House track.

…Yep, one of my favourite producers is trying his hands at track well over 70-90 bpm 🙂

More on that as soon as I get it!

Tayme Tee – One Life

Tayme Tee follows up his debut album from last year with a new digital single ‘One Life’.  See the video for that here this week. News: MORE CDS – and a *BOOK*!

Barbie’s fixed!

Michaela‘s ‘Fixing Barbie’ CD went up on to yesterday.

Less than 30 minutes later someone had bought a copy.  Another one was bought this morning, and having spent the weekend listening to it, I can see (or more accurately – hear) why people like it…

RTS (Reclaim The Streets)

I’ve literally just seen a sale go through for Birmingham-based RTS‘ debut EP that also went on to the store yesterday.  Well done, guys!  If Street Music is your thing, head over to the Street Music section of

Ladies and gentlemen: Fresh Funky!

If banging Funky house is your thing cop TP’s hugely popular Funky Fresh 2! Cop dat, Cop dat!

And now for something completely different: a BOOK!

I’m such a fan of Steve Smith‘s new book, British Black Gospel.

It’s got stories, facts, UK personalities and history stretching all the way back to the late 1800s!

I really do rate it as an essential read for any one who has even the most remote connection with this industry – especially if they’re Black!

I rate it so highly that I’m putting it on, and iIt’s going to be the store’s first-ever book!

Check it at: – only going to be a few copies available.  Preorder now!

More later this week.  I’m out…

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