Random: Fact V Fable (1) – UK gospel v industry

Fact vs Fable Series

Intro: OK, guys: I’m on a roll now, and I can’t stop… 

Off the back of my recent industry-style notes, I’m bringing you an occasional series of thoughts under this Fact vs Fable stream.

It’s actually quite simple:  I’m looking to highlight thinking/attitudes within our industry that have somehow over time evolved into solid, almost incontestable ‘facts’. 

While I can’t suggest I’m right every single time, my intention is to provoke you into thinking, and – more importantly – challenge you to incorporate some action into our faith (and that’s not suggested that you already don’t)…

Lemme know how I get on.  I know I don’t even need to ask that because you lot always do anyway! 

 Fact Vs Fable

CogsFable 1: The UK gospel scene has no industry.

Fact: it does. 

It’s just different to what you’re probably measuring it against (more than likely the mainstream industry, who promote what they do so much that it becomes hard not to believe their hype).


Hmm… I’m sure there’s a lesson there somewhere… (“,)

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