DJ Marcia CarrI feel a feature coming on (to go on, I think…)

Recently made friends with DJ Marcia Carr via Facebook.

She’s a serious figure in the UK music scene, and now solidly into House music DJing (among other things, I’m sure).

I’ve known about her for a few years, just from seeing her name around and (on those very rare occasions that I go to events) at gigs (she was the DJ at Four Kornerz‘s Soulectric album launch).

Anyway, given House Music’s truly international reach, massively hedonistic reputation and the curiously incongruous occurrence of a thriving subgenre of gospel music, plus the huge number of Christians operating within the scene, I think there’s a story here.

Funny enough she had the same idea, so we’re definitely going to be doing something soon

In the meantime big up Marcia

If you’re a fan of great Gospel House, classic and rare grooves, as well as handpicked RnB (UK, US and everywhere), you need to be checking out her shows (she’s all over the place, including G Force Radio and Push FM).

You can even download them if you’re that way inclined…