After the highs of last week (you can now bookmark individual pages on, came a terrible low…

While on holiday (also last week) I decided to do the final mix to UKGShop Radio Show 2 on my laptop…

Laptop suddenly dies after 10 minutes – and subsequently has refused to play for any length of time beyond that since.

The Show 2 file currently stands at 1GB and takes more than 10 minutes to copy over to my backup hard drive…

So – no UKG Shop Radio Show 2 until I can sort it – or record another one…

Anyone got any ideas as to how I can fix it…?

It’s a battered old IBM Thinkpad, probably about 5 – 6 years old, no fancy bits on it, and no modifications whatsoever.

It’s running Windows XP.

Doesn’t give any error messsages at all, it just goes off, and doesn’t go back on again for about 10 minutes – only to start the whole palaver again….


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