UKGPresents: it’s starting to gather pace…

Friday night.  It rained, but spring is in the air…

smileyHaven’t blogged in an absolute age…

Things have been going well (in the main, anyway. Had a scare last week which meant the site wasn’t adding videos properly. Major scare.

Months of work down the drain, potentially, but everything is fine now…)

The UKG P team is growing.

  • George Luke (London) agreed to be on the UKG Presents team,
  • as did DJ Breakthru (currently Warwick)
  • and Prodigal Son (Nottingham).

Few more names to track down yet (George suggested Mike Rimmer (Birmingham) which would be excellent).

Need as diverse a range of expertise and knowledge as possible on the team…)

…I know I still haven’t mentioned the full story re: UKG Spin.

Soon… I promise…

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